Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 32

I've taken up yoga recently and when I don't make it to class I'll do a few sun salutations when I wake up to get my blood flowing. The girls are very intrigued with the whole yoga mantra. Tonight, out of the blue, Christina asked me if she could show me her version of the "crow" pose. Not bad girly!

Day 31

Today was the district swim meet. What a day! We had 3 new teams join our district this year so we knew the competition was going to be tough. Our kids came thru though and both our boy's and girls came in 2nd over-all! We had 16 medalists/ regional qualifiers. One of our swimmer won the 50 Free and broke the district record. I'm especially proud of our boy's team. They came in 7th over-all in district last year. This year they jumped to 2nd!!! What a comeback! I love these kids. Of course I can't talk about the kids and not give a shout out to their coach. My man tied for district coach of the year too! (This shot was taken before the meet got started during warm-ups.)

Day 30

Pre-District Pasta Dinner with the team at Portabella's.

Day 29

Mid-year awards day at Sierra's school.

Day 28

This is what happens when your coach's wife. Concession stand goodies get stored in your car. Do you know how hard it is to keep my girl's out of this stuff!

Day 27

Today I stepped way out of my comfort zone and joined the Women's Bible study at the church we've been visiting. We've been looking for a new church for a while but hadn't found one we really connected with. Part of the problem I'm sure was that I never really gave anyone a chance. I'm going to really try and change that.

Day 26

Happy Year of the Ox! Tonight we celebrated the Chinese New Year. I fixed dinner and shared some things I'd learned about China with Chris and the girls. It was fun.